INDOCHINE asset management

The Eastern Seaboard of Thailand where we are located has rapid growth in every major sector of the economy, including the real estate market. It has defied global downswings and has maintained a steady appreciation of property values, investment and employment year on year. With Indochines' niche developments, deep understanding and extensive connections, any development, investment and or advice is assured of success.

With proximity to airports, road networks and shipping ports, the Eastern Sea Board promises greater access to Bangkok and the rest of the world, which can only safeguard long-term investment yields and continued growth.​

The Indochine Asset Group has established a very strong network of relationships with leading consultants such as LANdarch Architects and Designers, K-Tech Construction, Siam Syntec, Meinhardt Warner Associate Engineers and ACH as Construction Cost Consultants. All are well-established names not only on the Eastern Seaboard but throughout Thailand. Krung Thai Bank (KTB), The Thai Military Bank (TMB), Siam City Bank and the Bank of Ayudhya, whose contacts and advice are highly regarded by our firm provide finance for project funding. The long-term harmony of these affiliations with Indochine is yet another safety net for smart investors who can expect a project or investment delivered on time and within budget, in a great location at an affordable price.